Dependant Healthcare Professional FAQs

What is eDHP?

eDHP is a web-based application created by Parallon, HCA's Credentialing Vendor Organization (CVO), to track credentials and monitor compliance of Dependent Healthcare Professionals (DHP) performing services in HCA facilities.

Will the eDHP System replace existing facility "Access" processes, systems, and other CVOs?

Yes, as each HCA division goes live with the eDHP system, other systems utilized for DHP credentialing and access will no longer be available. DHP's currently credentialed through another CVO (i.e. Reptrax, VendorMate) will be required to be credentialed through Parallon and utilize eDHP kiosks to access the facility.

Why are existing systems being replaced by eDHP?

eDHP was developed to meet HCA's Patient Safety agenda, as well as national, regional and local regulatory standards.

What are the fees charged to DHPs to be credentialed through PWMS? Effective August 1, 2013:

Tier 1 Non Employees = $125 per year.
Tier 2 and 3 DHPs = $225 per year.

* Fees reflect operating costs necessary to fund CVO resources, system development and ongoing credentialing support.

What are the benefits of eDHP for Dependent Healthcare Professionals?

How will a DHP gain access to needed areas to perform services when visiting a facility?

Each time a DHP visits an HCA affiliated facility, he/she must report to the designated eDHP kiosk to obtain a daily-use badge. Each HCA affiliated facility will determine the location of its eDHP kiosks. Please consult with the appropriate facility contact or inquire at the main entrance registration desk to determine kiosk location(s). When eDHP goes live, a daily-use badge can be printed by those DHPs who are:

How will DHPs be notified regarding the transition to eDHP?

All HCA Divisions/affiliated facilities will be transitioned based on a predetermined schedule. Those DHPs associated with a facility/division utilizing another credentialing vendor will be notified well in advance, via email, regarding the transition and timeframe. The credentialing process for DHPs (into eDHP) is required to be completed before the DHP visits any facility. Questions regarding any of this information should be directed to: Parallon DHP Credentialing Customer support. (954) 514-1440

What will the badge look like?

A daily-use badge includes a photo of the DHP, facility name, authorized area of the facility, DHP name, classification, company and date. The badge will expire at the end of each day.

How do I log into the eDHP website?

Each transitioning DHP will receive an email that includes the eDHP link and logon instructions based on the Parallon CVO enrolling the DHP in eDHP. DHPs are encouraged to save the eDHP login page link to their favorites:

Who do I contact with questions about eDHP System or credentialing program?

Please contact the PWMS credentialing team at (954) 514-1440 if you have any general credentialing questions or concerns.

I visit more than one HCA affiliated facility – do I have to pay per facility?

Each DHP has a single profile and pays one credentialing fee for access to all HCA affiliated facilities, where approved to do so. eDHP allows the DHP to select facilities they would like to visit, yet final approval for access rests with each HCA affiliated facility.

Why am I required to provide my Social Security number to gain access to the HCA network or information systems?

DHPs must provide sensitive personal information to include their Social Security number (SSN) in order to gain access to the HCA IT network, systems, and/or data. HCA’s role of providing health care services requires the handling of sensitive information across the company every day. Our obligation for protecting sensitive information mandates:

Is there an alternative to providing my Social Security number to gain access to the HCA network or information systems?

No. The personal information we require is the minimum necessary to uniquely identify each user on our company network in order to meet the requirements described above. Because our company spans dozens of states and hundreds of thousands of workforce members, the information used to identify each individual must be standard issue and format nationwide, unique to the individual, unchanging, and permanently assigned to the individual.

How does HCA protect my sensitive personal information?

HCA protects this information with the same privacy and security measures we use to protect our patients’ and employees’ data. The importance of privacy and regulatory compliance has created an environment at HCA where company processes and our employees and associates are keenly attuned to the protection of sensitive information and the strict adherence to State and Federal laws and guidelines.

Will my sensitive personal information be sold or shared with any organizations other than HCA facilities?

Information collected is confidential and utilized for credentialing purposes only. It is not sold or shared with any other companies.

Where can I find out more information about the application process?

eDHP Vendor Webcast application Process.pdf